Why Do People Have Wedding Themes? Are They Necessary?

Theme weddings can run from simple and color-infused to completely silly and character-based like the one above. If you’ve heard about the more fantastical theme weddings, you may wonder why anyone throws a theme wedding at all. Wedding themes can add elements of fun, continuity, and elegance to any wedding, and themed nuptials can be as simple to design as choosing your favorite color.
Remember the black tie wedding you saw on TV? The one where everyone wore ball gowns and tuxedos? A formal black tie nuptial is a kind of theme. So are the weddings you’ve been to where everything from the bridesmaids’ dresses to the invitations were peach and pink. Choosing a theme, whether it is simple or outlandish, ties the elements of the occasion together. It makes choosing everything from bridal favors to the wedding dress a little easier because you are essentially choosing from a template you’ve already set.

Choosing to use a theme can also help set your wedding apart and make it a unique experience. Many of your guests will go to several nuptials this season. You may not want your wedding to be just another Pachelbel’s Canon, steak dinner, Macarena, rice-throwing kind of wedding. Maybe you want something that will stand out from the rest, both in your memory and the memories of your guests. Choosing a stand-out theme can help your wedding be quite unique.
You don’t have to go crazy to put on a theme wedding. You can choose a butterfly theme and embroider butterflies on the dress, emboss the wedding invitation with them, and release live butterflies after the vows have been exchanged. You can have a rose themed wedding and fill the reception hall to overflowing with roses of every color, cover the cake in sugar-crystal roses, and give away rose seeds or potpourri sachets to your guests as favors.
Some people have been dreaming of what they want in a wedding since they were very small, and a wedding can be a chance to live out your most vivid childhood dreams. A person might want to make her wedding as magical as the ones she saw in Disney movies growing up. She might choose to become Cinderella for a day and walk down the aisle to her Prince Charming. Some couples have grown close through their love of a comic book, movie, sports event, or music group. They might make their wedding an homage to that bond by creating a Superman, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Yankees, or White Snake -themed wedding.
It is not written in the hallowed book of wedding rules that one must have a wedding theme for their wedding to be proper and successful. Your wedding, essentially, has the theme of the bridal couple. You are going to design a wedding around yourselves as individuals and as a couple. Choose things that make you smile and that you enjoy. Your wedding will be memorable for the love you share, the words you say, and all the little things that go wrong and right on your special day.
Alex Lemone is a wedding and family writer. For more wedding themes [http://www.weddingideasetc.com/themes.html] or for other wedding ideas [http://www.weddingideasetc.com] and tips, go to Wedding Ideas Etc.

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