The Royal Wedding: Which Wedding Favours Will They Choose?

Fairy tale wedding do come true and we do hope they live “Happily ever after”. The day selected for the royal wedding to commemorate is April 29, 2011 and this is supposed to be the spring wedding. According to the many news channels, Prince Williams and Kate Middleton are very much looking forward to their wedding day. From their selection of organic cake, there is abuzz that they would prefer they might be planning for eco-friendly wedding. However if they choose green wedding according to the speculation then the selection of wedding favours would be souvenirs that are kinder to the environment of our mother planet Earth.

Wedding favours that are earth friendly and that would go with the theme of royal wedding would match along the spring season. Spring is associated with colours, joys, happiness and flowers. Prince Williams and Kate Middleton can very much go for the traditional wedding favours like plates, mugs or commemorative coins, etc. Items like these might be hot favourite of many who are collectors of official and unofficial collectibles. If the tendency amongst the Prince Williams’s subjects is anything to go by then expect eco-friendly wedding favours to be in making already.
The Royal wedding, which is commencing in the most romantic and beautiful time of year perfect for exchanging vows, spring, everyone must be thinking what royal bride and groom choose to give as wedding gifts to her bridesmaid and groomsmen. Like the wedding gown and other details, the royal wedding favours may also be a subject of secrecy and protected but one can imagine what they might choose as it is fun to speculate about the type wedding presents Prince Williams and Kate Middleton might choose to give to their wedding guests.
The big trend inspired by Royalty! Can be predicted anything that glitters will be the stylish message for couples supposed to be in the wedlock in 2011. Besides the eco-friendly, the trend seems to be building towards the personalization – unique approach, indeed. The personality of the royal prince and his lovely wife would reflect through these interesting, dazzling crystal garlands, acrylic diamonds and mirror bases on the royalty tables. Wedding favours for the royal guests can be diamond fitted on bottle opener, candy buffet with themed take home bags full of chocolates, cookies fresh from the royal oven or crown design key chain rings.
With the personalization trend for this year the royal wedding mementos can be wedding chocolates, personalized candy box with bride and groom names, customized labels in chosen wedding colours. The guests would indeed feel very happy and proud to receive these royal wedding gifts collectibles in personalized and customized wrappers. If you are planning for wedding this year, you can also follow all these trends and go for a royal wedding yourself. Give your family and friends a royal treat because everyone likes to be treated in a royal manner once a while. Keep an eye on the latest wedding favours trends and make your wedding turn into a fairy tale wedding with the help of creativity and imagination.
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