Thinking Of A Unique Theme? Find If Holiday Weddings Suits You

There are many wedding themes a bride can choose from. There are wedding themes inspired by the different seasons, themes for different outdoor weddings, the ones for destination weddings, and so on. Among the sea of wedding themes, Holiday themed weddings are considerably gaining their place in the bridal world.
Finding the best theme for you is a matter of personal preference, wedding date and preferred colors and decor. Here are the top choices by couples of around the world to help you decide.

1. Christmas Wedding Theme is the most popular wedding time for those who wants to have their wedding in winter. Christmas wedding gives your wedding the gaiety festive feel of the season. Decorations should spread the feel of Christmas season incorporated with your wedding colors. A big lighted Christmas tree can greet your guests, adding the romantic feeling of this very special day with its twinkling lights. You can use miniature Christmas trees and snowman figurines, on your table centerpieces scattered with faux snow. Hang clear and colored ornaments along with glittered snowflakes in the reception area.
2. Valentine’s Wedding Theme The “love is all around us” feel of the holiday adds a romantic feel to your wedding day. This day has a lot of love related decors to give like hearts, cupids, love birds, red roses ( or the different shades of red and pink roses), and chocolates. These decors give a charming and lovely feel on your wedding. Greet your guests with a big ice sculpted cupid with bow and arrow! Show them their way by posting printed cupids directing their arrows to your reception hall. Decorate your wedding tables with tall centerpieces filled with round shaped roses and votive candles in a frosted heart shaped holders. Adorn your presidential table backdrop with a double heart-shaped with red glitters and your names printed on it.
3. Halloween Wedding Theme is a wedding day for a spooky lover couple. If you are a couple who loves the ghastly feel of the season and wants to say your I Do’s in an extreme way, then treat your guests with a lovely wedding. The dominant colors of this wedding theme are black and red, orange or purple. Set your pathway with a lighted grinning pumpkin, and cobwebs all over your reception area. Set your wedding table centerpieces with a pillar of candles, dried branches covered with webs and spiders, orange colored flowers, and a plastic pumpkin filled with candies. You can also use antique candelabras. Greet your guests with a smoking big cauldron in your main entrance and let them know their seating assignments with their names printed on themed place cards.
4. Easter Wedding Theme is for couple who wants to celebrate their wedding during spring time. It is best to have your wedding celebration in a garden. Fill your reception area with potted flowers that bloom in spring like lilies, zinnia, dahlia, tulip, and sweet peas. Let your tables reflect the Easter season by filling big vases with different colored eggs, and fill a bowl with egg shaped chocolates or jelly beans. Let your guests know where they should seat in a small pot of young prairie drop seeds with their names printed on a sunflower cutout, which can also serve as their wedding favors.
There’s always a unique way to embrace the holiday you love the most for your wedding day. It is all about having fun and incorporating the small details that will define your wedding day.
Andrea Korin is the owner of the creative theme wedding ideas website, where brides get the help, tips and ideas to plan the perfect theme wedding. Find hundreds of theme wedding ideas and learn how to make wedding invitations, RSVP, menu cards, thank you notes and more

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