All I Want for Christmas… Is a Security Door!

If you want a new security door for Christmas, now is the time to make arrangements. Summer is the peak season for security door sales and unfortunately also burglaries.

Santa’s elves are not the only ones ramping up production at this time of year! While they’re working hard to bring joy to children all over the world, our manufacturing team at Jim’s Security Door Melbourne is working just as hard to bring safety and peace of mine to homes across Melbourne. Just like Santa, the lead-up to Christmas is our busiest time of year too.

Security for Christmas

What better gift is there than giving the gift of protection and peace of mind? Installing a security door will ensure your household and its precious contents are protected from the threat of an intruder or burglar. Here are some reasons why a security door can be a great Christmas gift:

  • If you’re planning to be away for an extended period over the holidays.
  • So that you can securely keep your doors open to allow fresh air to circulate through your home.
  • To offset the cost and environmental impact of running an air conditioning unit with cross-ventilation through your home.
  • If you’re eager to keep mosquitos and other insects out of your home while your doors and windows are open.
  • If you’re determined to put the safety of your household first by barring access to burglars and intruders.

Whatever your reason for wanting to install security doors this holiday season, we think purchasing a security door is the best Christmas present you’ll ever buy yourself or someone else!

Which security door is on your Christmas wish list? 

Now that you know your Christmas wish, you need to decide which security door is right for you! Jim’s Security Doors have a range of options to suit every budget, style, and security need. Some of our range includes:

  • PerfGuard security doors: manufactured from 1.6mm thick, corrosion-resistant perforated aluminum sheeting, making them a durable screen. They are designed to allow clear visual access outside. PerfGuard doors are covered by a seven-year warranty from the date of installation.
  • ScreenGuard security doors: the premium in-home security doors. Designed and manufactured in Australia, ScreenGuard security doors surpass the Australian Standard for security doors to withstand any attempt to break through, from slashing to levering. ScreenGuard doors are made from high-tensile woven marine-grade stainless steel mesh set in a heavy-duty aluminum frame. They are fitted with a triple locking system to ensure absolute protection and durability. ScreenGuard doors are covered by a 10-year product warranty valid from the date of your Melbourne installation.
  • Secure entry enclosures: these enclosures are available in a range of designs and colors to blend into your home’s aesthetic while providing security to the entire outdoor area of your home. Secure entry enclosures are great for front porches and for outdoor play areas that allow in the light and fresh air, all while keeping your kids and pets secure against intruders.

Diamond grille security doors: budget-friendly home security. These versatile, timeless doors are designed to provide a customizable and economical option for home protection. Diamond grille security doors are available in a wide range of colors, and you can have them fitted as a hinged or sliding door with either a double diamond or single diamond grille design.

We sincerely hope you have a working chimney if you decide to install security doors because not even Santa can get through our security doors! But if you want that security door installed before the holiday season, you better hurry and book an appointment with one of our friendly and experienced franchisees. For more information about Jim’s Security Doors. Or for expert advice on the right security door for Property Conveyancing Brisbane, please get in touch with our friendly and experienced sales team on 13 15 46.

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