Products You Get from the State of Home, A Trendy Perth Furniture Store Australia

Perth is a comfortable area for living. Make this living area more comfortable by managing your house maximally. You only have to add furniture that makes the house stunning. Visiting a trendy furniture store, such as the State of Home is a great solution. Here what you will get if you use its services.

Products You Get from the State of Home, A Trendy Perth Furniture Store
Products You Get from the State of Home, A Trendy Perth Furniture Store

Dining Chairs

Choose your favorite dining chair here. This store has a variety of chair models from several reputable brands, such as Wishbone, District, Wilbur, and Arnold. The chairs are available in natural colors, black, and others. You can choose dining chairs made of rattan, solid wood, fabric coat, and many more. The manufacturers sell the products in different package. You may get 2 or 4 chairs per set. You only have to pick the best dining chairs based on the theme of your dining room and the chairs you need.

Leisure Chairs

Put a leisure chair on your favorite spot at home and feel the comfort. As a trendy Perth furniture store, the State of Home give attractive leisure chairs. You can sit and relax while enjoying the scenery of Perth and favorite snacks or drinks. The leisure chairs are also coming from several popular brands, including Jameson, District, Buffalo, and others. The store offers black, natural, grey, army colors on its leisure chairs. Let say you love to use something simple and stylish. If it is so, you can buy a leisure chair by Buffalo. The manufacturer uses fabric with foam fill and metal leg to create comfortable leisure chairs. The design is simple, but it is comfortable enough for relaxing your body and mind. Jameson uses different materials to create a durable leisure chair. You are about to sit on metal frame with leather seat chairs.


Sofa is also one of the most famous items at the State of Home. This store is ready to offer sofa by Preston, Mettam, Stirling, Geordie, Mount, and Ledge. Preston is one of the brands that offer a contemporary style sofa. The contemporary sofa is durable due to the use of high-quality fabric with foam fill and metal leg. Mettam is a sofa brand that offers elegant and sleek designs. Mettam sofa is a good pick for those who only have a small living room at home.

Small Tables

You can also visit this store if you need a small table at home. This store offers a variety of small tables, including Duke side tables, Double bay coffe table, and Vasse. Those who love a contemporary theme at home can use a small table by the Duke Side Table. The design of the table is unique, along with metal for the top and marble for the base. On the other hand, the Vasse Side Table offers classic small tables with an industrial design.

Now, you don’t need to get confused to get the best furniture for your home. You only have to check the collections of the trendy Perth furniture store, the State of Home. Get your best products and create the coziest area at home.


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